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Frequently Asked Questions

What does eBay managed payments do for You?

eBay managed payments is the marketplace’s in-house system to process payments for buyers and sellers. Announced back in 2018, eBay says the introduction of this simplified payment system will make life easier for all its users. eBay previously depended on PayPal to process its payments.

What does it mean to be a managed payments seller?

As a managed payments seller, you'll have everything you need to sell and get paid, with reports, fees, protections, and support all in one place. Your buyers will have more ways to pay, and you'll receive your payouts in your checking account.

Do you need to specify payment method on eBay?

When listing or revising items with the Trading API or Inventory API, the seller no longer needs to specify any payment methods, as available payment methods are controlled by eBay.

Do you need a PayPal routing number for eBay managed payments?

Sellers enabled for managed payments must link a checking account (not a PayPal routing number) to receive their payouts. Please make sure you provide only a checking account, where the name, address, and business information (if applicable) on the bank account matches the name and information provided to eBay.

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