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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eBay Payment options?

eBay allows buyers to pay in several ways, and although PayPal is the most common payment method, other options are available. Person-to-person payment systems allow buyers to authorize payments from their credit cards or checking accounts directly to the seller. These services make money by charging percentages and fees for each transaction.

Does eBay own PayPal?

PayPal is owned by eBay, the global online auction site. Heralded as a safe way to send and receive money online, PayPal has steadily evolved into a household name, but… BEWARE of PayPal Scams.

What is managed payment?

What is managed payments? The managed payments program will allow eBay to control the purchasing experience from start to finish for both buyers and sellers. Buyers will be able to pay for their purchase right on the eBay platform, without having to travel to a third party site such as PayPal.

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