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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy cars from eBay Motors?

While eBay Motors is a safe place to purchase a vehicle, it is a good idea to perform research on both the car and the seller. This can be challenging if you don't know how to get started.

How to safely purchase car on eBay Motors?

HOW TO BUY A CAR ON EBAY MOTORS: STEP BY STEP | Create an Account. Before buying a car on eBay, you will need an account. ... | Browse Inventory. eBay Motors has taken the time to craft a well-rounded search tool. ... | Review Vehicles and Sellers. ... | Make an Offer or Buy Now. ... | eBay Motors Payment Methods. ... | Arrange Shipping and Delivery. ...

Should I Sell my Car on eBay Motors?

Yes, you can sell cars on eBay. In fact, used-car sales have skyrocketed online thanks to all the people who find eBay to be a trusted place to buy and sell used vehicles. Selling vehicles on eBay is a natural business for you if you have access to good used cars, work as a mechanic, or have a contact at a dealership who lets you sell cars on eBay...

Does eBay Motors ship cars?

No Ebay motors does not physically ship vehicles but they partner with a very large transportation company that ships anything that can be shipped which is If you buy a vehicle on Ebay motors you can also reach out to smaller companies like Home or you can look at reviews for companies...

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