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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of an engine does an airboat have?

Models with more power can take motors up to 570 horsepower, while affordable utility models may have as low as 69 horsepower engines on them (although the average power size is 375 HP). Why are airboat popular?

How much does an airboat cost on Boat Trader?

Airboat for sale on Boat Trader are available for an assortment of prices from a sensible $25,995 on the lower-priced models all the way up to $69,696,969 for the higher-end boats.

What are the uses of an airboat?

Airboats are generally used in swamps or marshy areas along the coast and are known for having a flat bottom and a very shallow draft. Perfect for navigating shallow waters, these fanboats have a large, protected propeller powered by an automotive or aircraft motor. Airboats are used for fishing, hunting, tourism, and other commercial purposes.

What kind of engine does bandit airboat have?

16ft Bandit Airboat Powered by a 6 cylinder Continental engine that's manufactured in Mobile, Alabama. These engines are manufactured for Cessna airplanes. Engine is equipped with a carbon fiber prop. Call 850-477-3860. If no answer, call or text Fred Cleveland at 850-206-6816.

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