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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bike is a Norton motorcycle?

A motorcycle is one of the many options you can choose if you want to travel efficiently while enjoying your trip, and Norton bikes are among the many models available out there. Different bikes will have different designs and features that suit various applications.

Are there motorcycle parts for sale on eBay?

It’s often a favorite hobby as well as your main ride—and one that requires a lot of moving parts and accessories to customize and personalize your motorcycle. Fortunately, eBay has an enormous selection of new and used motorcycle parts for sale not only to keep your ride running smoothly, but to help you make it unique.

What kind of gasket does a Norton motorcycle have?

Top end gasket kit included, Norton Transmission Primary with clutch basket. A pair of 930 Amals A real Norton Roadholder Front end with Front wheel.

Where is the radiator on a Norton motorcycle?

A traditional, double-cradle / double-downtube frame supports the engine and mounts a tiny oil cooler just south of the steering head where it has a minimal impact on aesthetics. Air-cooling precludes the need for a radiator, and so the front of the frame is wide open with an unimpeded view of the engine.

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