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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there 440 engine block parts for sale?

Mopar Big Block 383 400 440 Rear Seal Retainer Cap Billet Aluminum USA Made!! Mopar Chrysler Big Block 383 400 440 Billet Steel Main Caps Charger Challenger!! Mopar Chrysler Dodge Big Block 383 400 440 STAINLESS STEEL Freeze Plugs Set!!!!! Mopar Chrysler Dodge Big Block 383 400 440 Engine Block Pipe Plug Kit USA Made!!

What kind of engine is in a 440?

The 440 is known for its big, V8 block, and one can be installed into your car today. The Mopar version is used for muscle cars and trucks. Hemi is an option found in the same engine intake manifold as those without hemispheric cylinders.

Where is the spark plug on a 440 engine?

Piston: Right above a 440 piston is a spark plug that provides a spark once the pressure in your chambers are met. The ignition creates the fire that will consume your fuel and allow the combustion to move the crankshaft. Crankshaft: This comes with your completed engine in order to obtain the power generated from the chambers.

Where can I find motor parts on eBay?

Engines & Components: Choose parts for the motor, such as motor mounts, timing components, belts, and gaskets. This category also includes complete engines and engine rebuilding kits. Brakes & Brake Parts: Rotors, discs, pads, shoes, and other accessories for these essential components are located in this category of auto parts.

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