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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find motor parts on eBay?

Engines & Components: Choose parts for the motor, such as motor mounts, timing components, belts, and gaskets. This category also includes complete engines and engine rebuilding kits. Brakes & Brake Parts: Rotors, discs, pads, shoes, and other accessories for these essential components are located in this category of auto parts.

Where can I buy car parts on eBay?

Repairing an older vehicle, or sprucing up your daily ride? eBay has everything you need for maintaining your car, truck or motorcycle—not to mention boat parts, trailer parts, camper parts, ATV parts and more. Shop for automotive parts online, including car accessories and electronics, and show off your favorite brands with apparel and signs.

What does the distributor do in a car?

The distributor is responsible for passing the electrical current from the ignition coils to the engine cylinders. This process ignites the mixture of fuel and air located inside and powers the engine. In some cars, the distributor shaft may also operate the oil pump.

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