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Frequently Asked Questions

What oil for boat motor?

If you operate your boat in consistent temperatures, choose a single-weight oil (e.g. SAE 30). If you operate your boat in a wider temperature range, select multi-viscosity oils (e.g. SAE 10W-30). They behave like thin oils in cold weather, making it easier to crank the engine.

What is the biggest outboard motor?

The Tohatsu 6 hp outboard motor is the largest single-cylinder outboard motor model available and is offered in 15", 20" and 25" shaft lengths.

What are the parts of an outboard motor?

Here a few of the parts that are worth noting: Flywheel (blue): A heavy wheel that builds up momentum as the engine accelerates, helping to maintain a smooth and steady engine speed. Starter motor (grey): Normally you'd start an outboard motor electrically, just as you'd start a car. ... Crankshaft (red): Collects power from the engine pistons, which fire slightly out of step to keep the motor running at a steady speed More items...

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