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Frequently Asked Questions

What car parts sell best on eBay?

Bumpers, grilles, and headlights sell big on eBay. There are three main categories of parts that tend to sell well on eBay: Exterior parts, like steel bumpers, upgraded or replacement grilles, side mirrors, etc. Most of these parts are replacements, but some are aftermarket upgrades.

Does eBay sell cars?

You can access eBay Motors and its services from the eBay home page. Selling a car on eBay Motors is a bit different from selling on regular eBay, mainly in the area of fees. To encourage sellers to list and sell vehicles on the site, eBay has set up a tiered system of fees.

What is eBay motor?

The Basics of eBay Motors. eBay Motors is a part of eBay dedicated to buying and selling cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and other vehicles, and for the parts and accessories that go along with them. This section of eBay works a little differently from the rest of the site and has slightly different rules and fees.

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