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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pay for a car on eBay?

Sellers are encouraged to accept deposits via PayPal and the balance of the payment via the Financing Center. However, sellers are welcome to accept or deny any type of payment, as long as those terms are clearly explained in the listing. You should have already established your pickup and/or shipping terms in your eBay Motors listing.

What kind of payment do I use on eBay?

You'll be able to select your payment method and review your order details, including your shipping address, before you pay. In most categories, sellers accept PayPal or credit cards, but they may also offer other options as well, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Can you pay with a check on eBay?

Checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers aren't allowed for most eBay purchases. However, you can use these payment methods to buy vehicles, capital and business equipment, real estate, and items you pick up in person.

How long does it take to receive a vehicle on eBay?

-Buyer receives the Vehicle: The Buyer has 5 days to verify the item and the option to accept or reject. Return shipping will be at the Seller's expense. -The Seller is Paid by eBay: The transaction is complete. If the buyer is not satisfied, he must notify our agency with the item issues, after the

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