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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plastic bags a problem?

Plastic shopping bags also pose health risks to human populations over the years as they leach toxins into water supplies. Plastic bags also are problematic to recycle. While the recyclable symbol of three arrows in a circle is on many plastic shopping bags in the US, it often is a marketing trick.

Are poly bags recyclable?

Recyclable poly bags are the most economical way to pack all sorts of goods from textiles, clothing products, food, produce, carton liners, covers, protectors, archival, dust extraction and more. Our plastic bags are manufactured from 100% recyclable virgin/ food grade LDPE.

What are merchandise bags?

Shopping & merchandise bags are a type of retail packaging with a handle or mechanism made for carrying. Typically made from a glossy or matte-finished plastic or a paper material, they are available in a range of styles including T-shirt and reusable shopping bags.

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