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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with seller hub on eBay?

If you have an eBay Store, you'll manage your Store and access all the features of Promotions Manager or Promoted listings from Seller Hub. You can personalize your Seller Hub to suit you. Simply select the Customize link to adjust what you see on each page.

What does the new orders report on eBay mean?

The new orders report is a CSV (comma-separated) file that contains all of the data that appears on the Seller Hub Manage orders page and more, including a new field showing how much tax eBay collected and remitted for each transaction.

Is there a charge to use the seller hub?

Free to use. There's no charge to use Seller Hub. You only pay for any subscriptions you may have, such as Selling Manager Pro or Stores, to access that functionality from Seller Hub.

How can I Make my seller hub listing easier?

With Seller Hub's improved functionality you can List easier with a streamlined listing form. Add photos directly in the form as you edit your listing. List variations in a multi-quantity listing. Edit live listings one-by-one or in bulk. Selling costs and fees breakdown. Daily sales trends. Best performing listings. Monthly sales.

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