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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about shipping on eBay?

Everything you need to know about shipping when listing your item, from shipping options and rates to estimated delivery dates. Learn about the range of shipping options that you can offer buyers. Find out about shipping rates, and how to calculate your delivery costs.

Are there any free shipping options on eBay?

All our shipping partners offer discounted eBay Labels and free automatic tracking. We offer shipping solutions, exclusively to eBay Labels users, to make it easier and more cost-effective for you to ship around the world, across all eBay selling categories.

Can you use pirate ship to ship on eBay?

Connect Pirate Ship to your eBay account to access discount shipping services that eBay doesn't offer, like Priority Mail Cubic ® Quickly import unshipped orders and purchase postage at the best rates available. Pirate Ship automatically marks orders as Shipped & sends back tracking numbers.

How can I track my order on eBay?

You’ll see a delivery status bar with a delivery company, tracking number, and the item’s current location. If you don’t see the tracking information you can select Contact seller on the Order Details page and ask the seller if they will upload the tracking number.

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