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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove items from your shopping cart on eBay?

You can remove them from your cart at any time, with the exception of items that you've committed to buy, such as items you've won through auction-style listings, accepted best offers or committed to buy with Buy It Now. Remember, many items on eBay are available in limited quantities, so an item may sell out before you check out.

Do you have to buy items in your shopping cart?

You’re under no obligation to buy items you’ve added to your shopping cart, but keep in mind that items in your cart can still be bought by other members until you’ve completed checkout. select Add to cart beneath the Buy It Now button on any fixed-price listing.

How do I add items back to my shopping cart?

Saved items can be viewed further down the shopping cart page, and you can add them back to your cart by selecting Add back to cart. There are a number of reasons why an item could be automatically removed from your cart.

What happens if there is no remove button on eBay?

If there's no Remove button, then you've committed to purchase the item; see From now on, instead of putting an item in your cart, put it on your Watch List while you contemplate whether or not you really want to buy it.

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