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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of set is the Meccano Erector Set?

Vintage Meccano Set 2. Including Motor. Vintage boxed Meccano Mechanisms Outfit construction toy set model vgc complete? Vintage boxed Meccano Gears Outfit B set construction toy model vgc complete? Vintage boxed Meccano Outfit number no. 4 set construction toy model complete? Vintage Meccano Erector Set 102 Excavator Parts FREE SHIPPING!

How does a Meccano car make a car?

By utilizing reusable angle girders, axles and gears, metal strips, plates, plastic pieces, and wheels, all of which are connected by bolts, nuts, and set screws, mechanical devices and working car, building and other models can be constructed.

How do I update the language of my Meccano?

Select the correct robot in the first drop-down menu. Select the desired language for your Meccanoid in the "Select Language" menu. Select the most recent update in the last menu. Check off "Total Memory Wipe" and click the large blue update button to complete for best results.

What did Frank Hornby do with the Meccano?

Meccano, a model construction system created by Frank Hornby, is not only designed as an educational toy, but it supports STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

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