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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the militaria for sale on eBay?

These are not old and collectable, they are current items produced for the militia but released for public sale.

How long has B and B militaria been on eBay?

Welcome to B&B Militaria! We specialize in quality militaria from all nations and conflicts with special emphasis on WWI, WWII and Vietnam. We have 40 years of collecting experience and over 25 years of militaria sales. We have been eBay sellers since 1999 with the user ID, bbmilitaria.

Where can I buy Australian military collectibles?

NSW Military Forces Button Pre Federation 1880 -1901 Stokes. If youre an avid collector of military collectibles theres a cracking selection of militaria available on eBay. Choose from a variety of ornamental and practical pieces, from medals and badges to uniforms.

What makes militaria different from other collectibles?

Unlike a lot of collectible items, militaria is unique in that every piece tells a story; every medal, every watch, every pin badge belonged to someone in the military and provides a glimpse into their world of bravery and endeavour. Collectors of militaria often see it as a means of preserving a little bit of history.

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