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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of seeds can you sell on eBay?

STRAWBERRY SEEDS - 100 SEEDS - Fruit * Heirloom * Non-Gmo * USA! Scarborough Seeds 500 Lavender Seeds HERB NON-GMO MOSQUITO REPELLENT USA! 100+ seeds Mixed Mint mentha Peppermint + common Spearmint herb seeds NON-GMO !

Where can I buy cannabis seeds in the USA?

Am I allowed to buy cannabis seeds in the United States? It’s always legal to buy cannabis seeds in North America. Cannabis seeds are bought and sold online and in stores across the country, and you can always rely on Growers Choice to provide you with high quality seeds that are and do exactly what they say.

Can You Grow your own seeds in the USA?

Grown, Made in the USA. Strong and Beautiful Everytime. Discreet package delivered directly to you. Ships FREE from the great USA. No worry about customs confistating your seeds. We Guarantee Delivery. Check out our Germination & helpful tips for first-time growers and the professionals growers.

Which is the best seed bank in the USA?

Holi Moli has the best Genetics. We are an American Seedbank. Our customer is always #1. See why you should be using Holi Moli Seeds in your next grow: Grown, Made in the USA.

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