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Frequently Asked Questions

Is eBay better than Amazon?

In terms of payment time, this is one area where eBay is much better than Amazon. For eBay, you get paid the second a buyer purchases your item. For Amazon, however, you do not get paid until after the buyer has purchased the item and Amazon has shipped the item to the buyer.

How does eBay compete with Amazon?

One of the ways that eBay can compete with Amazon is to continue to focus and support the sellers there. Communication is the key to any successful business, and eBay has over the years been active in supporting as well as communicating with the sellers and upcoming changes to the platforms.

Do you make more money selling on eBay or Amazon?

When selling on eBay , you'll be tied up in a lot more busy work then when selling on Amazon . But that's not the only thing to look at. Customer Service, Fulfillment, Promotions, Ease of Use, and not to put to fine a point on it, making you more money online, all these factors are critical to your success. Oct 23 2019

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