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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Echo's promotions?

Welcome to ECHO’s “Promotions” page. Here you will find all of ECHO's current promotions. The best fleet progam dedicated to landscapers. Click above to see the sales events coming to your area.

Will the Amazon Echo Show be on sale on Prime Day?

We already know that Amazon loves to discount its own products in the sales event as well as during the week leading up to Prime Day, particularly Amazon Echo smart home devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Show. This year as in years past we already see some great Prime Day Amazon Echo sales.

What is the mission of Echo?

ECHO’s mission is dedicated to meeting housing, food and other basic human needs and addressing the barriers to self-sufficiency. ECHO seeks to help people help themselves through its programs and services, not readily available through other sources, and to assist them in utilizing other existing services and programs in the community.

Which Amazon Echo product should you buy as a gift?

Amazon's Echo Dot and smart bulb bundle is a great gift if you're looking for a simple way to introduce someone to smart home technology. It’s highly likely that Prime Day Amazon Echo sales will eventually include pretty much all of Amazon’s range of Echo devices.

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