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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do eclipses rarely happen?

Solar eclipses are due to the moon's orbital tilt which causes it to pass between the Earth and the Sun. However, they occur very rarely because the moon orbits at an angle of 5 degrees off the Earth's own orbital plane around the sun, and spins on an axis that is actually tilted towards our own planet.

Why we do not see an eclipse every month.?

An eclipse does not occur every month, because one month after an eclipse the relative geometry of the Sun, Moon, and Earth has changed.

How do you install Eclipse?

Installing Eclipse. To install Eclipse, all you do is unpack the zip/tar file download in the desired directory. No further work is required (other than making sure you have a Java Runtime Environment installed). When you unzip the file, it creates a sub-directory called "eclipse", with multiple sub-directories under that.

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