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Frequently Asked Questions

Are people rational in economics?

Economists normally assume that people are rational. Rational people systematically and purposefully do the best they can to achieve their objectives, given the opportunities they have. As you study economics, you will encounter firms that decide how many workers to hire and how much of their product to manufacture and sell to maximize profits.

What is rational decision making in economics?

In economics, a rational economic decision is one that an economic agent does when the predicted return is bigger than the perceived cost. Decisions might seem irrational for several reasons: The economic agent had imperfect information, so they miscalculated the return, the cost, or both.

What is the concept of choice in economics?

In economics, a choice is a decision someone must make about what to do with limited resources, according to Economics Wisconsin, a guide for social studies teachers. In this usage, anything from timber to money to the number of hours in a day can be a resource.

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