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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you expect the economy to get worse in the next year?

What's also discouraging is that on top of so many Americans rating the current economy as poor, 47% say they expect things to get worse in the next year. Only 30% of Americans expect the economy to improve in the next year.

Is the economy closing out the year on a high note?

By now it is clear that the economy should be closing out the year on a high note, with Americans spending money over the holidays and reengaging in many of the activities that they missed out on during last year’s damped-down festivities.

Is the Indian economy growing in line with market expectations?

India's economy expanded in line with market expectations for the quarter ending in September, but economists say risks like the new Covid variant omicron could weigh on future growth.

How does the economy change from December to January?

Even in normal times, the shift in the economy from December to January is abrupt.Consumer spending drops, highway and airline traffic thins and hundreds of thousands of workers brought on temporarily for the holidays leave their jobs.

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