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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main economic activities of Mexico City?

Mexico City. Important industrial activities include textiles, chemicals, furniture, plastics and metals, electronics assembly, and the production of pharmaceutical products. The food and beverage industry remains a major employer while tourism brings millions of dollars into the economy. The informal economy plays an important role in the city.

Is Mexico City a democracy?

Mexico has been a democracy on paper for almost 100 years, but in practice it's only now in the middle of a democratic transition. The pessimists might say instead that it recently *failed* to achieve a democratic transition. The timeline looks like this: 1876-1910: Mexico is a clear-cut uncomplicated dictatorship.

What kind of economy does Mexico have?

Main characteristics of the economic system of Mexico Mixed economic system: market economy and planned economy. There are private companies and public companies such as PEMEX. A productive system focused on exports. An economy composed of 3 large economic sectors. Private property.

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