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Frequently Asked Questions

What's wrong with Mexico's economy?

What's wrong with Mexico's economy? Indeed, Mexican government corruption is rampant and costly. The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness calculated that each year, corruption costs the country between 2% and 10% of its GDP, reduces foreign investment by 5%, and wipes out 480,000 jobs from small and medium-sized businesses.

What are facts about the economy of Mexico?

Foreign trade is a larger percentage of Mexico's economy than any other large country. Mexico's No. 1 export is manufactured products. It also exports silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cotton. Mexico is the world's eighth largest producer of oil, at almost 3 million barrels per day.

What is Mexico's Economic Outlook?

Key Takeaways After a slump to just 2.0% GDP growth in 2017, the Mexican economy is projected to grow at 2.5% in 2019 after a 2.3% gain in 2013. Mexico has a new government as of August 2018, encouraging hope with trade negotiations with the United States, its largest trading partner. Still, Mexico and its government face several challenges that can disrupt its forecasted growth.

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