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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie EDF?

Credited cast: Cindy Robinson News Reporter (voice) Lex Lang EDF Soldiers (voice) Karen Strassman Main Menu Voices (voice) Joe Cappelletti EDF Soldiers (voice) 5 more rows ...

What is ededf and how does it work?

EDF ground forces are formed around three basic groups; Scout Teams, Ranger Teams, and Storm Teams, which fulfill reconnaissance, infantry, and special ops functions, respectively. They are supplied with the latest weapons and equipment, and have thousands of mercenaries securing every continent.

What is Earth Defense Force (EDF)?

In the year 2015, the Earth Defense Force, which is a unified multinational army organization sponsored by every country, is founded in case the aliens prove to be hostile.

Is EDF 2017 a remake of monster attack?

2017 is a remake of Monster Attack as it is based in the "great war" of 2017. EDF 2017 reuses sound effects from enemies and the menus of Monster Attack.

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