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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GDF stand for?

17th arrondissement, Paris, France. Key people. Gaz de France (GDF) was a French company which produced, transported and sold natural gas around the world, especially in France, its main market. The company was also particularly active in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other European countries.

What does ededf stand for?

EDF's headquarters in Tour EDF, La Défense, near Paris. Électricité de France S.A. (literally Electricity of France ), commonly known as EDF, is a French multinational electric utility company, largely owned by the French state.

What is EDF Gaz de France distribution?

For Gaz de France, this was the Gaz de France Distributor. Together, these two distributors managed a joint department, “EDF Gaz de France Distribution” formerly called “EDF GDF Services, which was responsible for field-based activities (meter reading, activating connections, engineering work, etc.).

Is GDF and GDF Suez the same company?

The company conducted a merger of equals with fellow utility company Suez on 22 July 2008 to form GDF Suez. Its head office was located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris . Gaz de France was created with its sister company Électricité de France (EDF) in 1946 by the French Government.

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