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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about edfinity?

Edfinity provides everything important to what I need in an online homework tool – extraordinarily low cost, high quality problems, extremely easy for my students to use. Edfinity’s interface is fantastic. It lets us spend more time working with students. The team is very helpful and friendly.

Can you use edfinity with a commercial textbook?

Pair Edfinity with any commercial or OER textbook. Give your students access to our feature-rich homework system for the cost of a cup of coffee a month. Use randomized algebraic, graphing, numeric and open-response problems with hints and personalized feedback.

Why is edfinity a good partner for Gateway Math?

Edfinity has been a great partner for transitioning some of our high enrollment, gateway MATH courses to open source textbooks. This has created a more affordable option for our students and has given us more control over the quality of our students' experiences in our MATH courses. The support at Edfinity has been outstanding!

Who are the members of the edfinity team?

The Edfinity team is comprised of successful educators, researchers, and technologists with affiliations to leading academic institutions and decades of experience in education, technology, and learning sciences. Their past efforts are the subjects of four Harvard Business School case studies in entrepreneurship and technology venture creation.

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