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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a new addition and a new edition?

Addition (noun): The act or process of adding OR something that has been added to something else, e.g. The black lamb was a new ADDITION to our flock. Not to be confused with… Edition (noun): a specific form or version of a published text, e.g. I prefer the previous EDITION of this book.

Which is the best definition of the word addition?

Its main definitions are (1) the entire number of copies of a publication, (2) a version of a publication, (3) a radio or television news program, and (4) the release of any number of like or identical items produced as a set. Addition relates to adding and things that are added.

When do you use addition and edition in a sentence?

Just remember that addition is often (though not always) followed by the preposition to, and edition is almost always followed by of. These writers use addition correctly:

Where does the word edition come from in English?

Edition originated from late Middle English: from French dition, from Latin dition(n- ), from edere ‘put out’, from e- (variant of ex- ) ‘out’ + dare ‘give’. Addition is used as a noun in English language where it means the action or process of adding something to something else.

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