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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you prepared for a car maintenance visit to the dealership?

Many car owners spend little or no time preparing for a scheduled maintenance visit to the dealership. They merely drive in and agree to the recommendation of the service advisor. This can be a costly error.

How much is the difference between dealer recommended maintenance and manual?

It's not uncommon for the difference between the "dealer recommended services" and the maintenance listed in your car's manual to be more than $100. In other cases it has been much more.

Where can I find information about maintenance on my car?

About Car Maintenance. Edmunds Car Maintenance Section provides all the information you need to keep your car at its best, including maintenance schedules, the latest recalls/technical service bulletins, savvy car care advice and clearly explained "How-To" maintenance articles.

When do I need routine maintenance on my car?

After about the length of your warranty, the routine maintenance often becomes more involved and more expensive. Car owners usually become aware of the need for routine maintenance at certain mileage intervals. These intervals are described in the owner's manual or in our car maintenance section.

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