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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edmunds a reliable source for car information?

They branched out into CD-ROMs in the ‘80s before launching their consumer-facing website in 1995. Today, Edmunds maintains an excellent reputation as an independent source of car information, vehicle reviews, and vehicle pricing.

How does Edmunds do its data?

The employment of a team of statisticians, PhDs and other personnel at is used to compile the collected data and construct vehicle valuation tools such as the Edmunds “True Market Value” and “True Cost to Own”. The primary focus of Edmunds is on automobiles, providing vehicle pricing data back to 1990.

What is Edmunds Nada?

Instead, the company created a consumer-facing website called NADA guides that provides pricing valuation to consumers for used and new vehicles, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and manufactured homes. NADA car values vs. Edmunds NADA uses J.D. Power data to assess the market and create its own price guide to new and used car sales.

When did Edmunds stop publishing prices?

Founded in 1966 as an aid for car buyers, Edmunds officially transitioned from publishing vehicle value guide books in print to publishing pricing guides online in 1995. The last guidebooks published by Edmunds were released in 2006, since then Edmunds has relied on a comprehensive website for publishing car prices.

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