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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ededmund scientific?

Edmund Scientific's factory store in Barrington, New Jersey in the mid-1970s which carried many items not listed in the catalogs. Following Sputnik, Edmund was able to capitalize on a growing national interest in science and astronomy.

Is Edmund Scientific owned by science kit?

In 2000 Edmund Scientific was purchased by Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories, a western New York based science supply company. Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories is part of a group of companies that provide science supplies to elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as colleges and universities.

Do you still get the Edmund Scientifics catalog?

And the "Edmund Scientifics" catalog that I still get every Christmas is a far cry from the old catalog from the 60s. It mostly contains pre-made "science toys" probably from China and other overpriced "junk" and that is in and of itself a much smaller selection than back in the old days.

Is Edmund Optics still in business?

Later known simply as Edmund Optics, the commercial side of the company continued to expand and now has a multinational presence. In 2001, the two companies were purchased by Boreal Science, which was in turn purchased by VWR International. Many of the science toys and kits are currently offered by the online retailer, Scientifics Direct .

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