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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of Educational Psychology?

The goal of an educational psychologist is to improve teaching and learning processes. They may study how factors such as poverty and teaching styles bear on student achievement, and apply this knowledge in developing ways for students and teachers to overcome academic challenges.

Why do we need educational psychology?

We need educational psychologists because they are equipped to support and enhance education opportunities for people, both young and old. Education gives humans the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop the ability to read, write, and speak, as well as many other key skills we need in life.

What jobs can you get with educational psychology?

For example, educational psychologists who focus on research might work in schools, universities, government agencies or in dedicated research institutions. Those who decide to become professors or teachers of educational psychology may work in colleges and universities, the military, museums, libraries and health care organizations.

What can I do with a Master's in educational psychology?

In other words, the master's in educational psychology is a practical degree for aspiring psychologists who want to work in the field of education, and it's also a degree that allows teachers and school administrators to approach their work from a more rigorously scientific point of view.

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