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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps for effective learning?

6 Steps To Effective Self Learning Get interested. Make no mistake. ... Expect problems and you won't be disappointed. Don't expect to understand things, much less remember them, the first time you study them. ... Cover the same ground from different angles. ... Anytime is learning time. ... Be a multimedia learner. ... Join learning communities. ...

How to become a more active learner?

Your first steps on the road to active learning Being prepared Taking the fist steps -- be proactive! Engaging in the learning process through active study Enjoying your learning

How can you become a successful learner?

To be a successful learner, you have to set up a study routine that works for you and keeps you focused. Find a good study spot, schedule blocks of time for studying, and prioritize learning over other commitments. Try study methods like summarization and practice testing, and try to connect study material to concepts that you know well.

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