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Frequently Asked Questions

What is effective effective?

Effective, effectual, efficacious, efficient refer to that which is able to produce a (desired) effect. Effective is applied to that which has the power to, or which actually does, produce an effect: an effective action, remedy, speech.

What does effective mean in English?

Definition of effectiveness in English: effectiveness. noun. mass noun. The degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result; success. ‘the effectiveness of the treatment’. ‘Such constraints restrict the effectiveness of all humanitarian interventions.’.

What does more effectively mean?

[more effective; most effective] : producing a result that is wanted : having an intended effect. drugs effective in the treatment of a disease = drugs effective in treating a disease = drugs effective against a disease. It's a simple but effective technique. He gave an effective speech.

What is the adjective for effectively?

In an efficient or effective manner; with powerful effect. Essentially, in effect, for all practical purposes. Synonyms: efficiently, efficaciously, productively, successfully, ably, adequately, capably, competently, effectually, skilfully, decisively, expertly, proficiently, well, adeptly, skillfully, completely, satisfactorily, satisfyingly, sufficiently, soundly, deftly, favourably, properly, agreeably, favorably, famously, strongly, masterfully, masterly, adroitly, aptly, dexterously, ...

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