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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about deforestation?

Deforestation facts show that trees are sometimes cut down to be made into fuel or to be used as timber. Sometimes deforestation occurs so that land can be used as a pasture or a farm. In urban and suburban areas, trees may be removed to allow for more housing and shopping centers.

How does deforestation effect the food chain?

Climate can change. Biodiversity depletion. Deforestation ruins the foodchains because it affects the habitat of a producer so then there are lees which means lees food for the animals. deforestation affect the food web because it alters the habitat and ecosystem of the organisms.

What is the main reason for deforestation in Asia?

Land clearing for agriculture is the main cause of deforestation. Driven by booming global demand, oil palm plantations have spread into formerly forested land, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, which are the world's largest producers. Logging, much of it illegal, is also a serious threat to the region's forests.

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