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Frequently Asked Questions

How does deforestation affect the habitat of birds?

Deforestation entails the complete displacement of bird species or habitat loss by the large scale removal of canopy, trees and vegetation. These places provide a source of shelter and food for birds.

How does the removal of trees affect birds?

The removal of trees decrease the food supply of birds and they would have no place to call their habitat. There will be an imbalance of ecosystem. Birds will have to find new habitat to acquire their daily nutrient requirements. This may pose a problem since, there is no guarantee that the niche would be empty to accept birds.

Why is deforestation a bad thing for the environment?

Deforestation definitely does more harm than good. It leaves numerous negative effects on the environment and the ecosystem. The main problem caused by deforestation is that it disrupts the carbon cycle, which is linked to climate change and greenhouse effect as well.

Where can I see bird's eye view of deforestation?

See "a Bird's Eye View" of deforestation in Brazil on the WMBD Event Google Map: Undamaged rainforest next to wide scale land use, small scale forest fragmentation and degradation, bunring plots of rainforest

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