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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Elder Scrolls 6 be released?

However, Bethesda might be taking up some time before the final version of the game can be released. This means that the fans will need to wait longer until "The Elder Scrolls 6" is finished. It is likely that the game will be ready for release in 2018.

What is the release date of Elder Scrolls 6?

A decade after the first release of the "Elder Scrolls" series, the release date for "The Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia" has yet to be finalized, with development news updates still expected. However, it is believed that the game is set to be released in March 2016.

Where will Elder Scrolls 6 be set?

Like previous installments in the series, The Elder Scrolls 6 will be set on the continent of Tamriel, but it’s unclear what specific region TES6 might take place in. Since The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, each game in the series has taken place in a specific region.

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