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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can an electrician do?

The electrician’s job is to install electrical wiring and machinery in homes, industrial complexes, and commercial buildings. They may also be responsible for other specialized tasks involving electrical wiring such as alarm systems and elevators. They repair and service these same systems as well. Matching School Ads.

What are the electric companies in Texas?

The state of Texas has an incredibly long list of retail energy providers to choose from, well more than any other deregulated state in the country. Here’s a list of some electric companies in Texas: 4Change Energy. Acacia Energy. Accel Energy. Accent Energy. Agera Energy. Alliance Power Company.

What is an electric co?

"Electric co." is an abbreviation for "electric convulsion therapy", which is an electric shock suffered by patients in psychiatry as part of their treatment. The band wrote this as a protest song in reference to a friend who tried to kill himself and as a result was taken to a psychiatric hospital that practiced electric convulsion therapy.

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