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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ceiling fan outlet box?

Outlet Boxes Designed for Ceiling Fans. Specially designed outlet boxes for ceiling fan support have special braces that extend to contact adjacent ceiling joists. These braces are then nailed or screwed into the joists themselves. A threaded set-nipple is mounted in the middle of the box, which allows the box to travel laterally along the brace.

What is a junction box ceiling fan?

The ceiling fan junction box is the metallic box that holds the electrical wirings and from which the fan is suspended.

What is a Ceiling Fan Bracket?

Ceiling fans with accu-arm blade brackets can also speed up installation. These brackets come with the blade screws attached. Also, there's an alignment post on the bracket that will help in mounting the blade arm without stripping the mounting hole. For fans without the accu-arm feature, fasten the blade assembly to the motor with two screws.

What is a ceiling box?

Ceiling Boxes. Ceiling Boxes from The Duct Shop are the perfect fitting to use when you need to put a register in the ceiling to supply air into your room. All Ceiling Boxes are manufactured from the highest of quality galvanized steel. Sizes listed are the box opening first and second, then the round size third.

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