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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Menards electrical?

Whether you're building a new home or updating your current electrical system, Menards® is the place to go for load centers and circuit protection, wiring devices, electrical boxes, wire, conduit fittings, tools, testers, and so much more.

What kind of wire do you use at Menards?

Use our electrical service wire and cable to supply power to your home. With our selection of bare copper electrical grounding wire, you can safely ground a variety of electrical equipment. In addition to our selection of wire and cable, Menards® offers many primary wire options to install a variety of projects.

What kind of terminals do you get at Menards?

Save BIG on Terminals and Connectors from Menards®! Menards® has a wide variety of terminals and connectors for all of your electrical needs! Complete the circuit with our high-quality selection of termination connectors, including ring terminals, spade terminals, and lugs.

Can you get conduit raceways at Menards?

Save BIG on Conduit, Conduit Fittings & Raceways at Menards®! Menards® offers a variety of conduit, conduit fittings, and raceways for any project.

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