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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of wire connectors?

WIRE CONNECTORS THE AMERICAN CLASSIC SINCE 1928 The original connector, for a full range of wires and jobs. With five color-coded models covering a range of wires from #22 to #6 AWG, the Wire-Nut® Wire Connector is the all-around twist-on you can count on.

What's the best way to use wire connectors?

As an alternative to twisting wires together, some electrical work can be completed with push-in wire connectors. The push-in design eliminates twisting, reducing repetitive motion fatigue, particularly on jobs that require numerous connections.

What do you need to know about electrical connectors?

Electrical Connectors Information. Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical circuits together. Most connectors are removable or temporary, but some can be permanent. Connectors make electronic products easier to assemble and manufacture. They also ease circuit repairs and allow flexibility in design and modification.

What kind of wire connectors do you use for AWG # 10?

Not often used on wire gauges thicker than AWG #10 (5.26 mm²), because such solid wires are too stiff to be reliably connected with this method. Instead, set screw connectors, clamps or crimp connectors are used.

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