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Frequently Asked Questions

What is marine electrical cable?

Marine Wire, Boat Cable & Shipboard Cable. Marine wire, marine cable, and boat cable are part of our extensive collection of electrical wire. Allied Wire & Cable carries a wide variety of marine wire and boat wire and cable suitable for use in a variety of marine applications.

How many electrical wires in Conduit?

In the United States, a National Electric Code helps to establish the relationship between wire gauge and conduit size. Essentially, the Code identifies the number of wires that can be safely loaded into a given conduit size. For example, up to six wires with a standard wire gauge of 14 can be safely placed into a half-inch conduit.

What is this electrical connector?

An electrical connector is an electromechanical device used to join electrical conductors and create an electrical circuit. Most electrical connectors have a gender - i.e. the male component, called a plug, connects to the female component, or socket.

What is wiring connector?

Twist-on wire connectors are a type of electrical connector used to fasten two or more low-voltage (or extra-low-voltage) electrical conductors. They are widely used in North America in residential, commercial and industrial building power wiring.

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