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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of connectors do you need for a motorcycle terminal?

Electrical terminal couplers are OEM quality and a necessity to any garage mechanic. Includes female and male nylon connectors with brass pins for a 2 wire connection. 10 Pack. Universal Sumitomo Type Wiring Connector Kit by Dobeck Performance®.

Where to buy motorcycle wiring and electrical supplies?

Motorcycle Wiring & Electrical Supplies - Rex's Speed Shop Rex's offer a wide range of motorcycle wiring products, from specialist motorcycle connectors to sundry parts to construct your own loom. Currency:

Are there any electrical problems with a motorcycle?

Harness connections are a very common source of electrical problems. There are many different types of connectors, each with its own potential issues. Over time, connections fail for a number of reasons. There are many exposed parts on a motorcycle, with no exception for connectors.

What kind of connectors do Kawasaki motorcycles have?

A Special connector For most Honda, Yamaha, some Kawasaki, and Suzuki. It has the Connector lock built into the Main Fuse cover. These were very hard to find, and had a high cost. These come with 4 terminals.

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