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Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrical power distribution box?

In electrical applications, a distribution box is a component that is used in a larger system that helps to regulate the flow of electricity through a distribution board. The concept behind the box is to provide for the orderly flow of current so that circuitry is not overloaded, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

What is DC distribution box?

The DC Power Distribution Box contains dual redundant microprocessors that communicate internally to each ECB, as well as provide the interface to the dual redundant CAN bus network. The removable cover allows access to the ECB area where the user can place the DC Box into manual or override mode.

What is an electrical utility box?

An electrical utility box is configured to contain an electrical device. The box includes a bottom wall, two opposing side walls, two opposing end walls, a mounting boss, and a shield structure. The mounting boss has a bore configured to receive a fastener that fastens the electrical device to the box.

What is an electrical distribution?

Electrical distribution system. An electrical electrical distribution system is a series of electrical circuits that delivers power in the proper proportion to homes, commercial businesses and industrial facilities. Regardless of the size and applications, the ultimate goal remains universal: the economic and safe delivery of adequate electric power to electrical equipment.

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