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What are some interesting facts about electricity?

Here are some fun and interesting facts about electricity. 1. Electricity travels at the speed of light -- more than 186,000 miles per second! 2. A spark of static electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts. 3. Lightning is a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere.

What is interesting so about electricity?

Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Electricity. 1. Electricity was introduced to Ethiopia in 1896 after Emperor Menelik II ordered two newly invented electric chairs as a form of humane capital punishment and realized they were useless in his country without electricity. - Source

What are the characteristics of electricity?

There are three main properties that make electricity work: voltage, current and resistance. These properties work together inside a circuit, allowing electricity to move from place to place. Scientists measure voltage in units called volts, current in amps, and resistance in ohms.

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