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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an electrical engineer in Chennai?

Job Details OPENINGS FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Freshers / Experience Production / Quality / Maintenance / Designing salary as per norms Researching ,interpreting and applying information. Developing solutions. Electrical engineer to be technically minded

What kind of jobs are available in Chennai?

DETAILS Electrical engineers , design , plan , research , evaluate and test electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They are employed by electrical utilities , communica... More Details

Which is the best electrical company in Chennai?

Hubbell Electrical Products LLP located in Chennai is poised to assist with part and product manufacturing for all Hubbell Business units. Experience in sourcing electrical/electronic parts like Sensors, Actuators, Solenoids, Motors, PCB, passive/active electronic parts etc for the automotive…

Which is the best job for an electrical engineer?

Electrical assembly of DC and AC distribution boxes for solar installations. Job Types: Full-time, Fresher. Exposure wiring harness manufacturing processes. Awareness of sensors/switches and electrical components basics. Worked on Connectors / Harness components. 3-5 year experience in CREO part modelling. More...

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