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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an electrical engineer in Dubai?

Electrical Engineer with minimum 5-6 years of UAE Experience. More... (1) Regular inspection of mechanical and electrical professional construction quality. (3) Participate in the intermediate acceptance and completion acceptanceā€¦

What kind of jobs are available in Dubai?

Most engineers in Dubai work in the construction sector, while others like IT engineers and chemical engineers work across fields such as IT, pharmaceutical, and others. What is the job description for Engineers?

What's the job of an engineer in Dubai?

Their main job is to analyze, develop, and evaluate large-scale complex systems. Engineers are tasked to improve or maintain current systems and create new projects. They design blueprints, visit systems and manage projects in the field.

Where can I get a job as an electrical engineer?

A leading environmental specialist company in the UAE is looking to hire graduates in Chemical/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering with a maximum experience of up to 2 years;Candi...

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