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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Henderson Engineers do in Houston TX?

The Houston team provides full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, architectural lighting, telecom, and security design. Supported by Henderson’s national network, clients get the service and attention of a small, local firm powered by the resources of a large-firm.

What kind of construction companies are in Houston?

Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline, here is the Top Construction Companies In Houston. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a roof over his or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make it easier to get across.

Which is the best MEP engineering firm in Texas?

DBR has built a reputation as a premier MEP engineering firm in Texas and we are proud of our impact on the communities we serve. With open minds and incredible service our teams are creating healthy and comfortable environments that will stand the test of time. It is time for bold action.

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