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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a job as an electrical engineer?

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER Hornet Cutting Systems, a hometown company with roughly 45 employees that serves a diverse and worldwide manufacturing clientele, is seeking a skilled, loyal, and knowledgeable… electrical engineer who enjoys new challenges and takes pride in finding sustainable solutions for manufacturing applications…

How much does an electrical engineer make per year?

The average salary for a electrical engineer with 2 to 3 years of experience, Bachelor Degree, and 3 selected qualifications is $92,983 per year in the United States. Was the salaries overview information helpful?

What can I do with a Missouri electrical engineer license?

Louis offices has an immediate opportunity for a Missouri licensed Electrical Engineer, P.E…. to produce and manage electrical design for commercial and industrial facilities including transportation, healthcare, education, aviation, water…

Where to become an electrical engineer in Lavonia GA?

Join the Ritz team in Lavonia GA, USA as Electrical Engineer (B.Eng, M.Eng), - Medium Voltage Dry Type Instrument Transformers Your Tasks…Ritz supplies current and voltage transformers from 0.6 kV to 550 kV to power utility companies, OEM switchgear manufacturers and other electrical institutions…

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