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Frequently Asked Questions

When to plan electrical outlets in new home?

It’s not until long after they’ve already moved into their new home that they realize they should have been present during the planning stages when it came to certain things, including places to access electrical power in their house.

Do you need to draw an electrical floor plan?

Drawing accurate, detailed electrical floor plans is one of the essential steps in applying for an electrical-wiring permit. Standard symbols indicate the location of duplex outlets, special-purpose outlets, switches, wall-light outlets, ceiling-light outlets, and switches on electrical floor plans.

What do the switches on an electrical outlet mean?

The switched outlet symbol generally refers to an outlet that is controlled by a switch. Switched outlets are typically found in bedrooms. The waterproof outlet symbol refers to an outlet that is located outdoors and is required to have a cover over the outlet that will make it waterproof.

What is the purpose of an electrical plan?

The purpose is to distribute energy that can be used to power the various equipment and appliances around the house through proper installation and operation of the different elements included in the design such as electrical outlets, meter base, switches, breakers, and more.

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